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ABBYY Announces Plans to Buy Process Intelligence ISV

ABBYY recently announced its intention to acquire TimelinePI, which develops a process intelligence platform. According to the ABBYY press release, “TimelinePI’s platform enables anyone to visualize, quantify and understand how processes behave by providing detailed...

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Ripcord Ups Ante with Non-Optical Imaging Technology

Ripcord is a company built on innovation. How else can you explain a well-funded ($75 million in venture investment) start-up entering the mature and rather staid market for document scanning services? When we met with them at AIIM, Ripcord executives discussed the...

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Is Amazon’s Textract a Game Changer?

In late November, at its AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon Web Services announced a number of new services based on machine learning. One of those was Amazon Textract, which some pundits are saying is going to kill the OCR industry. According to Amazon, Textract is a...

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Blockchain Part of Sphereon’s Content Services Suite

For a few years now, Harvey Spencer Associates has been promoting blockchain as a natural extension of capture technology. The Harvard Business Review describes blockchain as “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and...

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