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Editor’s Note: The September event is, obviously, over — and was very successful.

So successful that there will be a European-focused virtual roundtable on November 5. Those living outside of Europe are also invited to attend, of course. Attendance is limited to 20 seats per roundtable. As with the US event, we’ll make more to accomodate demand. 

For more details and to register, click here.

And, of course, continue reading. The interview with Harvey below is as relevant now as when originally posted.

Harvey Spencer Associates’ (now an Infosource company) annual Capture event  is ready to kick off next week on September 10 (that’s Thursday) with two virtual roundtables. 

While the first roundtable is full, the second is not. If you want to learn from the top minds in the capture industry, you need to grab your spot now — out of 20 seats, only half were left as I type this. 

Join Harvey Spencer and Mike Spang, and your peers for a lively, informative conversation on September 10 at 3 PM eastern. One hour can give you insights that’ll help guide your business for the next year — you don’t even need to wear pants (just don’t stand up!). 

We spoke with Harvey about what you can expect and some of the topics that will be discussed. 

DIR: The impact of the pandemic on the industry is top of mind for many attendees, what are your initial thoughts on how the pandemic has affected the doc capture industry in 2020? 

Spencer:  Yes, we tried to forecast the impact of COVID on the Capture market. In some ways it is positive in that it has “turbocharged” the move to digitization, which increases the velocity of business and the need to understand semi-structured and unstructured information faster.  But a lot of companies are suffering and poorer, so we expect an immediate negative impact overall and a move to cloud services followed by a recovery which will vary by vertical. We have thrown around various terms such as V-shaped recovery, a W-shaped recovery, and a U-shaped recovery — but I like to call Capture Software a spoon-shaped recovery. 

DIR: Do you think these impacts will last? 

Spencer: Which impacts?  The move to digitization in many areas will last since it is reducing cost and improving processes.  I had one example recently where Fidelity had saved printing 100 sheets of paper for an annuity by moving to a PDF with Docusign.  They saved the paper, the printing, the mail, and shortened the process. Why hadn’t they done it before? Well they obviously expected it and had planned it — the Virus just accelerated the change. 

We are hearing that many areas have accelerated their plans to digitize.  But there has been lots of talk about the change to working at home — I personally think we will see some change, but companies will realize the value of the creativity of employees around the cooler or in physical meetings!  We regard Capture 2.0 as a series of technologies grounded in AI that understand and translate human understandable behaviors into usable data for better transactional management, compliance and records management as well as reduced risk.  A personal meeting produces far more information than any Zoom meeting can.

DIR: What are your feelings about translating the face-to-face interactions at Capture with these online roundtables? 

Spencer: Interesting,  The Virtual Roundtables, or VRTs, are an experiment — we haven’t tried this before. However, I have been delighted with the questions/reasons that the attendees have sent in.  I think we could have a great first session if we can get what is basically a bunch of competitors to open up. 

I am confident they will.  

And that is just like our face-to-face conference — the value is as much in the interactions as in the presentations.  But realistically we cannot duplicate the same social level of interactions that hopefully we stimulate with the sessions with Virtual meetings of this type.  We may end up doing both!  But certainly we are relying on the face-to-face Capture Conference next year and made the bookings!

While spots for our second roundtable on September 10 at 3 pm eastern are filling up fast (only 20 “seats”!), additional interest will mean additional roundtables. What’s that mean? If next Thursday doesn’t work for you (or you just miss the final spot, sign up anyway and we’ll create another roundtable for you.

Learn from the Capture industry’s best — and your peers — grab your spot for Thursday, September 10 now. 

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