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Document Imaging Report (DIR), is the premier management and marketing newsletter on opportunities and trends in converting paper processes to electronic format -a key piece in a digital transformation strategy. DIR is an 8-page newsletter produced semi-monthly that helps you stay on top of critical developments in just minutes – saving you hours of reading and research every month.  It is written for vendors, end users, and the distribution channel for the ECM and document capture industries.  DIR provides the most accurate and unbiased inside information in the market and will keep you at the forefront of industry changes and advancements.

The newsletter is written in concise, easy to read format.  DIR provides the inside scoop about companies that are:

  • Growing the fastest
  • Leading in technological advances
  • Entering or leaving the industry
  • Beginning significant new partnerships
  • Engaged in a merger or acquisition

The newsletter helps you:

  • Find new markets
  • Identify potential partnering opportunities
  • Gain insight into the future of imaging technologies through analysis of events and markets
  • Get sales leads
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Information in the newsletter also provides profiles of industry players who grow the fastest and create exceptional results, but most importantly you’ll learn what they do to explode sales and create unusual profitability.  And, if your company has a compelling story to tell, DIR is an excellent vehicle to get the story told.

There is no other source of information about the imaging industry brought to you in as timely and accurate fashion as with DIR.  If you’re a player in the industry, or want to be a player in the industry; you must subscribe to Document Imaging Report.

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