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Ambir Technology Joins TWAIN Working Group

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Industry Group Supports Universal Public Standard Between Software Applications and Imaging Devices

Elmhurst, IL, January 21, 2015—Ambir Technology, an industry leader in digital capture and document management solutions, announces it has joined the TWAIN Working Group as an Associate Member.

The TWAIN Working Group is a not-for-profit organization supporting a universal public standard to link software applications and image acquisition devices. Its goal is to enhance the standard to accommodate future technologies.

Leading image and information software and hardware industry vendors launched the TWAIN initiative in 1992 to provide a standard publically accessible software protocol and applications programming interface (API) enabling imaging devices—document scanners, signature pads, digital cameras, and virtual image databases—to integrate with commercially available operating systems. Today, TWAIN enables imaging devices to work with desktop computers, laptop computers and tablets running Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OS and Linux operating systems.

As an Associate Member of the TWAIN Working Group, Ambir Technology will provide input to the Group’s constant enhancement of the standard specifications and the TWAIN Toolkit, which enables software and hardware developers to build TWAIN-complaint applications and drivers.

“Becoming an Associate Member of the TWAIN Working Group emphasizes Ambir’s commitment to open systems and easy integration of our  document scanners and signature pads into operating systems customers rely on to manage business and professional practice critical information,” said Mike O’Leary, CEO of Ambir Technology. 

For information about Ambir Technology products and solutions, access www.ambir.com.

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